The South Dakota 4th-8th Grade Social Studies project was funded in part through a South Dakota Department of Education Classroom Innovation Grant. The textbooks were edited by Social Studies teachers and experts around the state, and continue to undergo review by professional organizations.  We did not create a curriculum, but rather a tool to be used in conjunction with your existing curriculum.

If however, you believe there is an error or omission that needs to be fixed, the good news is – this isn’t your printed textbook!  We continue to review the materials and have developed a process for addressing any issues that may arise:

All requests for revisions must be made in writing through use of the online form (currently being developed)   The team cannot make revisions submitted in any other format (i.e. via e-mail or telephone.)

Revision requests will be reviewed first by the Project Manager.  If the request is for a grammatical or spelling error, these changes will be made at most, quarterly.  

The Project Manager will utilize the results collected in the online form to contact the appropriate editing team, content organization, and/or teacher writers for review.  

If, through review, the team decides that a revision is necessary, it will be corrected in a timely fashion.  

To ensure transparency, any major changes made to the texts will be disseminated to the SD Social Studies listserv and tracked on the Open Textbook Network revisions page.

If you wish to be contacted when your suggested revision has been made, please indicate that when submitting the request.


Request Revision